Are you interested in upgrading your current air conditioner or are considering installing one in your home but you’re still not too sure as to which one is the right one for you? Benson and Benson’s AC Service is here to help. This guide has been created to give you a firm understanding of air conditioners, features to consider and how to decide which AC unit is right for you.


How does an AC unit work?

The basic function of an air conditioner system is to suck in the warm air from the room it is in, absorbing the heat and moisture from it, which it then expels outside so that the air being pumped back into the room is cooler and more comfortable.

Understanding Size & Power

An air conditioner should have around 125 watts of power for every square meter of the area you’re looking to cool. The model of air conditioner that’s best for you critically depends on the size of the area you want to condition.
Buying an energy-efficient air conditioner can save you a considerable amount of money on your electricity bill in the long run. But these units tend to be more expensive to purchase.

Features to Consider

Adjustable louvers: Louvers are the blade-like attachments on the air outlet of the unit. Many models of air conditioners are capable of rotating these louvers to better spread the air through the room, or to focus it in a particular direction.

Air filter: A common and often misinformed gripe some have with certain air conditioning systems is that they recycle old air, potentially making you sick. However, most air conditioners these days have air filters installed that remove odors, smoke, and germs from the air. These air conditioner filters will require occasional cleaning.

Dehumidifier mode: Almost all air conditioners have the basic functions: auto, cool, heat, and fan. But only some have a dehumidifier option. Dehumidifiers remove the moisture out of the air, helping to reduce humidity in an energy-efficient manner.

HVAC UV Light:When it comes to keeping your home cool without putting excess strain on your air conditioning system, airflow is one of the most important factors. As time goes on, debris builds up within your system, and although the air filter works to trap some of these particles, it can only do so much. Adding a UV light can give your system a serious boost, ensuring optimal airflow.

Air Condition Installation Services

All air conditioners must only be installed by a licensed professional installer who is qualified to handle AC Installation in South Florida. This ensures everything is done properly, safely and you remain covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

How to decide which air conditioner is right for you?
Understanding your requirements is key to working out which air conditioner arrangement will work best for your situation:

Determine how powerful you need your air conditioner to be: There are a number of web tools devoted to determining how powerful an air conditioner you need based on where you live, and the size of the area to be cooled.

Consider your budget: When determining your budget be sure to consider the now and the future. While upfront purchase costs can vary, it is worthwhile considering the ongoing running costs for the machine you choose. More energy-efficient models can reduce the amount you will have to pay every time you receive an electricity bill. More energy-efficient models are also better for the environment.

Determine your likely usage: Reverse cycle air conditioners are well-suited for both heating and cooling homes and are especially useful in climates that fluctuate between the extremes. If you’re unlikely to use your air conditioner year-round, this may be a feature you can live without.


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